ISO 6432 Pneumatic Cylinders Guide

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Pneumatic cylinders transfer the compressed air power into a linear movement and force. The basic design of a pneumatic cylinder consists of a piston with piston rod enclosed within a cylinder body. This construction is described as a cylinder with piston rod and is one of the most common pneumatic cylinders available; other types of cylinders are available such as rodless cylinders, guided cylinders and stopper cylinders.

Why Have Cylinders To An ISO Standard?

Rather than having each manufacturer of pneumatic cylinders designing their own type of cylinder the International Standards authorities decided to put together some standards for pneumatic cylinder design. The standards for cylinders ensure that pneumatic cylinder manufacturers do not produce cylinders that can only be purchased from them, with each manufacturer working towards the same standards it allows users to have a much wider selection to choose from for both price and availability and also for overcoming obsolescence. Cylinders manufactured to the same ISO standard should be interchangeable with another cylinder made to the same standard, although it is always prudent to check.

ISO standards covering cylinders list the accepted dimensions and sizes of both the cylinder and mounting accessories. The international standards establish these key metrics pneumatic cylinder manufacturers can adhere to; currently, there are three standards relating to pneumatic cylinder types; ISO 15552, ISO 21287 and ISO 6432.

  • ISO 15552 Standard Cylinder
  • ISO 21287 Compact Cylinder
  • ISO 6432 Round body ISO Cylinder

What Is An ISO 6432 Pneumatic Cylinder?

ISO 6432 cylinders are round-bodied pneumatic cylinders and are found in a variety of pneumatic systems and applications environments. ISO 6432 cylinders are a cylinder and piston rod design cylinder with the cylinder body being a round design. ISO 6432 applies to cylinders with bores of 20mm to 100mm for use at a maximum working pressure of 10bar or 1000 kPA. ISO 6432 standard applies to cylinders with and without magnetic function for cylinder position sensing.

  • ISO 6432:2015 Latest Edition
  • ISO 6432:2015 Replaces ISO 6432:1985
  • Cylinder Bores 20mm to 100mm
  • Maximum rated pressure of 10bar/ 1000 kPA

ISO 6432:2015 is the newest edition of ISO 6432 and replaces the originally released ISO 6432:1985. International standards are reviewed every five years with industry body representatives and manufacturers being consulted.

ISO 6432 cylinders are commonly called a roundline or round cylinders due to the round body of the cylinder barrel. ISO 6432 pneumatic cylinders apply for cylinders with a piston bore size of 20mm, 25mm, 32mm, 40mm, 50mm, 63mm, 80mm and 100mm with the stroke sizes following the standard ISO4393 for the nominal stroke lengths, in addition to the nominal stroke lengths most manufacturers will manufacture a cylinder with any stroke length.

ISO 6432 Pneumatic Cylinders Guide

Cylinders Sizes

ISO 6432 applies to cylinders with a bore size; 20mm, 25mm, 32mm, 40mm, 50mm, 63mm, 80mm and 100mm

ISO 15552 standard utilises the nominal stroke lengths from ISO 4393.

Direction Of Movement

ISO 6432 allows pneumatic cylinders to be single and double acting versions; single acting cylinders use a mechanical spring for movement in one direction and pressurised for movement in the other, a double acting cylinder requires compressed air for both directions.


ISO 6432 pneumatic cylinder standard applies to cylinders with mechanical cushioning only and not adjustable pneumatic cushioning. However many manufacturers have cylinders that meet the standard but have different types of cushioning such as pneumatic adjustable cushioning and self-adjusting cushioning.

What Types Of ISO 6432 Are Available?

Rowse Pneumatics supply a vast range of different ISO 6432 cylinders from both Camozzi and Festo. Each manufacturers product range has some different cylinders that adhere to ISO 6432:

  • Festo DSNU Cylinder
  • Festo ESNU Cylinders
  • Festo EG Cylinders
  • Camozzi Series 16 Cylinders
  • Camozzi Series 24 Cylinders
  • Camozzi Series 25 Cylinders
  • Camozzi Series 94 Cylinders
  • Camozzi Series 95 Cylinders

Manufacturers implement the ISO 6432 standard for different environments and applications; Camozzi manufactures a Series 20 round cylinder for standard applications and also manufacture a Series 94 cylinder stainless steel cylinder for the food and beverage industry or other environments where hygiene is important.

The Festo ESNU cylinder is a single-acting cylinder to ISO 6432 whereas the Festo DSNU is a double acting version. By having different cylinder versions, manufacturers can select the most important design features such as material and seal types for their customers.

Pneumatic cylinders that adhere to ISO 6432 can also be further configured to match the application, in addition to the bore size and stroke length. ISO 6432 cylinders have a number of different design variants which can be selected:

  • Through Piston Rod
  • Heat Resistant Seals
  • Constant Slow Operation
  • Low Friction
  • Different Piston Rods
  • Corrosion Resistant
  • Different Seals
  • Different Scrapper Seals

The versatility of a ISO 6432 pneumatic cylinder ensures that this type of cylinder is widely selected and manufactured, it is one of the most popular cylinders we supply at Rowse Pneumatics.

Trying to identify a ISO 6432 pneumatic cylinder? Try our pneumatic pneumatic cylinder identification tool.