AirTAC was founded in 1988 in Taiwan, as a manufacturer of pneumatic equipment and air preparation and control components. After opening a manufacturing base in China in 1998, the company has since grown in size and influence to become the AirTAC International Group. It set up its first international base in Italy in 2008, and in the past 30-plus years, the company has expanded its sphere of operations across Asia and Europe. The AirTAC International Group now has sales and production bases in China, Japan, Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore, and in 2018 the company opened its first base of operations in the USA. The AirTAC International Group is one of the world's biggest suppliers of pneumatic equipment and components.

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AirTAC Products

Rowse Pneumatics is pleased to offer the following core products for AirTAC:

  • Cylinders and Pneumatic Actuators
  • Valves
  • Fittings/Tubing

Cylinders and Pneumatic Actuators

AirTAC supplies several different types of actuator, including cylinder actuators, linear motion slide drives, rotary table drives and magnetically actuated drives. Cylinders can be twin-rod, tri-rod or rodless.

Standard and round-line cylinders are supplied in imperial specifications. The standard aluminium profile cylinder is a double-acting NSU type, with a 1" stroke and various bore sizes. It has a two-way heterogeneous piston seal structure that helps to prevent oil leaks. Round-line cylinders fall into the category of mini cylinders, with a compact structure, light weight and small volume. They offer high-precision piston rod guidance in single or double-acting options.

AirTAC compact cylinders are available in NACQ standard metric or NACF round imperial measurement options. The standard compact cylinder is available in single or double-acting versions, while the round compact option is a multi-type cylinder with either male or female thread type rod. It can be supplied in double-acting, single-acting push type or single-acting pull type versions.

Twin-rod cylinders are strongly resistant to bending and twisting, and have a front-mounted bumper that reduces impact and can adjust the cylinder stroke. Tri-rod cylinders have two steel ball linear bearing guides, and one bronze slide bearing. Together these provide high precision and bearing capacity, as they can withstand high torque and radial loads. They offer various mounting and orientation options and are available in a wide range of bore sizes.

AirTAC manufacture several different types of rodless cylinder, including those with guides and without. The compact and dust-proof magnetic cylinders comprise a mobile piston and carriage, fitted with annular magnets. Adjustable pneumatic cushioning and non-adjustable rubber bumpers are fitted on both ends to provide smooth action. These double-acting cylinders are available with guides that offer additional endurance against prejudicial or proper side load.

Standard double-acting slide table actuators are available in various bore sizes and are composed of a corrosion-resistant, high rigidity steel rail with adjustable stroke. Cross roller linear guide versions provide greater precision and are available in a range of larger bore sizes. Slide table actuators are also available in recirculating linear ball bearing options, with single or double guide rail and in a slimline version.

AirTAC make a rotary table actuator that is stable in design, based on a rack and pinion action with a double cylinder structure that could enable twice the output. This kind of actuator is precise, yet easy to install, and enables a high-precision performance. This double rack and pinion rotary table comes in sizes from 2mm to 200mm bore.


Pneumatic control valves are manufactured by AirTAC in various options, including a two-way direct-acting or internally piloted valve, which can be normally open or normally closed. Also available are a vast selection of pneumatic control valves, including a pilot no-return valve and a range of other directional changing and manual control valves. Solenoid valves include a range of standard or manifold solenoid valves, as well as modular valves that can be added to a rail base, and integrated or micro solenoid valves.

Fittings And Tubing

We are also pleased to stock a range of AirTAC fittings, including PT and NPT one-touch fittings, stainless steel, brass and nickel fittings and connectors in a wide variety of configurations. Male and female thread options are supplied, with elbow, T, Y, cross, right angle and finger valve fittings. In addition, we can supply AirTAC speed controllers, silencers, reducers and multiple branch fittings.

AirTAC make polyurethane tubing in a wide variety of colours and lengths, in imperial and metric specifications, and in straight, kinked or flame-resistant options. Tubing can be anti-knot, flexible and non-permeable to gases, as well as resistant to abrasion, chemicals, oils and other substances.


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