Stopper Cylinders

Stopper cylinders are essential for the safe stopping or blocking of equipment, such as loads on a conveyor belt. Piston rods guided by sensors can be halted or advanced using single action or double action spring force, which causes the load to stop, and only move forward again when the piston rod is retracted. Depending upon what type of load is involved, flexible buffers or shock absorbers can be provided to reduce noise levels, cushion the impact and optimise impact energy.

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What Are Pneumatic Stopper Cylinders?

Pneumatic stopper cylinders offer a softer stop for a conveyed load, which is rebound-free and flexible, as they can be installed both vertically and horizontally. They can be supplied in various versions with rollers, levers and piston rods, with a proximity or position switch that ensures a direct stop. The roller-style lever lowers and unlocks a rotatable rocker using compressed air when the load is halted and returns it to its start position with a spring. Pistons can be magnetic so they can incorporate magnetic sensors for control unit signals. Pneumatic stopper cylinders are a robust, compact alternative to the electromechanical variety, and can be used for many types of conveyor system. Built-in shock absorbers allow conveyed loads to be stopped in a precise and gentle manner that won't disturb the load and can be varied to suit the weight of the load and its desired speed of conveyance.

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