Motors with Integrated Controller

Motors with integrated controllers offer simpler, more compact units for positioning tasks. In the most basic units, integrated brushless motors are combined with an electronic drive, while in more complex versions brushless servo motors are available with an integrated servo drive and controller, plus optional additional encoders and connections to an external power supply. Motors with integrated controllers offer high efficiency, low heat generation and energy savings.

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      What Are Motors with Integrated Controller?

      Motors with integrated controllers can be actuated by ethernet connections, and programmed for printing, packaging and labelling machinery, presses, material transport, conveyors and sorting conveyors, cutting and woodworking machines, textiles, medical technology and electronics manufacturing. Different types of connection and housing offer variable degrees of protection, and there is a Safe Torque Off safety function.

      The integrated power and control capabilities mean that long motor cables are now obsolete, while the electromagnetic compatibility of the equipment is greatly improved. Installation times are reduced and much smaller amounts of space are required to fulfil the same functions. Multiple position sets can be programmed for complex tasks, and absolute positions sensed via the built-in encoder. With an optional displacement encoder, position values can also be saved for up to seven days, or more using an optional external battery. Further optional extras include an integrated holding brake and brake control.

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