Festo is an international leader in automation and technical training solutions. Festo has a global presence with factories, distribution centres and local offices in 61 global locations. Founded in 1925, Festo was originally a manufacturer of wood-cutting tools, looking to improve their production Festo started manufacturing automation products for themselves. These in house developed products were the foundation of the Festo products we see today.

Festo has a long history of innovation and patented the first portable, petrol driven chainsaw. The first single-acting pneumatic cylinders in Europe were manufactured by Festo. In 2000 the portable tool division of Festo was separated to form Festool, both companies are still family-owned with the third generation in control.

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Festo Group now employs over 20,100 globally with an annual turnover of 3.1 billion euros. Remaining family owned allows Festo to plan the future of the company and commit to a long term sustained future. Festo commits a percentage of its profits each year to developing new technology, resource conservation and education. Through its education programme, Festo has developed many animal-inspired robots using intelligent kinematics, robots such as elephant trunks, flying foxes, kangaroos and ants.

Festo’s is a world leader in pneumatic products and has diversified its range to include electrical and automation products. Festo continues to develop new pneumatic technology but also has electrical automation offering as well, an example of this is the Festo DSBC cylinder that is pneumatic, however, the Festo ESBF cylinder is an electrical version.

Festo Components

Festo innovations in both pneumatic and electric technology deliver higher productivity in many industries. For industrial and process automation – from single components to turnkey solutions.

Festo Cylinders And Pneumatic Drives

Festo has one of the widest range of pneumatic cylinders in the world, Festo cylinders are renowned for their reliability, efficiency and quality of components. Festo cylinders are used extensively in a wide range of industries and applications. Festo manufactures pneumatic cylinders adhering to the international standards; ISO 6432, ISO 15552 and ISO 21287 as well as its range of short-stroke cylinders, linear drives, slides and guided drives.

Festo Valves

Festo’s valve range includes simple manually actuated valves to complex automated valve terminals. Festo valves are relied upon for providing quick switching times, as well as offering superior quality of components for a reliable and durable valve. Festo is committed to producing reliable valves with switching cycles up to 100 million operations.

Festo valves include; safety valves, directional control valves, ball valves, media and process valves and proportional valves. Festo valves can be selected as electrically actuated, mechanically, pneumatically or manual depending upon the application. Festo valves are used throughout industry from the automotive industry, food and beverage, packaging as well as aggregate.

Festo Electric Drives And Cylinders

As an automation company, Festo has developed a range of electric drives and associated equipment.

Festo mechanical drives include; electric cylinders, linear drives and rotary drive systems. The range of mechanical drives provides an endless possibility for automation tasks. Festo mechanical drives are compatible with the Festo range of servo and stepper motors.

Festo stepper motors and servo motors are the links between the mechanical system and the control system. Festo servo motors offer the reliable operation of automation tasks and can be selected and configured through the Festo automation software.

Festo electric drive controllers offer a connection between the servo motors and automation system. Festo controllers offer decentralised control of electric drive systems and can communicate with other automated systems through a wide selection of field bus systems.

Festo Pneumatic Fittings

Festo has a wide selection of pneumatic connection technology; from simple connectors and tubing combinations to large ball valves. Festo’s range of pneumatic connectors is available in many different materials making them ideal for any application. Festo fittings are available in polymer, stainless steel and nickel-plated brass. Festo pneumatic fittings are available in different sizes and styles with a choice of straight fittings, elbows, Tees, Y and bulkhead connectors. Being an international company, Festo fittings are also available in different thread types, BSP and NPT fittings are both available, and available with both parallel and tapered threads.

Festo Pneumatic Tubing

Festo manufacturers its range of pneumatic tubing and pipe, pneumatic tubing can be used to connect a wide range of pneumatic components. Festo has a vast selection of different pneumatic tubing which is suitable for different applications and environments. The tubing types are manufactured from different materials such as polyurethane, polyethylene, polyamide and PFA. Pneumatic tubing is available in sizes 3mm outside diameter up to 16mm and various coil lengths.

Festo Compressed Air Preparation

Festo compressed air preparation increases the service life of your pneumatic components and systems by providing the correct air pressure and air purity. By ensuring a correct air supply, you can minimise machine breakdowns. Festo has several different ranges of air preparation; the Festo MS series of compressed air preparation is the latest generation from the Festo D Series.

Festo compressed air preparation includes; filters, filter regulators, on-off valves, soft starts, lubricators, air dryers, safety valves and energy efficiency modules.

Festo Vacuum Technology

Festo vacuum technology products consist of vacuum generators, vacuum valves and switches and vacuum gripping technology such as suction cups and holders. Developing a complete range of vacuum products enables Festo to offer its customers support throughout the product selection process. Its vacuum products are ideally matched to be connected together in a vacuum system.

Festo vacuum generators operate on the venturi principle of vacuum generation and are available as a simple generator or more complex designs including features such as ejectors and LCD displays. Festo vacuum generators offer quick vacuum build up time with high levels of vacuum.

Festo vacuum suction cups and gripping technology are available in a range of materials and sizes making them ideal for most applications. Festo also has a range of vacuum suction cup holders for each size of suction cup with design features such as height compensators and different connection technology.

Festo Sensors

Festo sensors are relied upon for detecting and switching many different mediums. Festo’s sensor range includes proximity sensors, position sensors, pressure sensors, flow sensors, vacuum switches and force sensors.

Festo proximity sensors for inductive applications are designed to sense metallic objects for their proximity to the sensor. The range includes both flush and non-flush styles offering a range of sensing distances.

Festo cylinder position proximity switches are designed for mounting onto pneumatic cylinders to offer position sensing of the cylinder piston. Pneumatic position sensors offer non-contact switching for applications that require the position of the piston to be known.

Festo pressure and vacuum sensors and switches offer accurate control of pressure values and can also include the option of remote maintenance.

Festo flow sensors provide diagnosis and conditioning monitoring of flow rates. Often a change in flow rate indicates an impending problem or failure. Ensuring correct flow rates can also increase the quality of processes and outputs.


Actuation Type
Adjustment Type
ATEX Rating
Body Style
Brake Holding Torque
Bus Protocol
Cable Length
Cable Type
Condensate Drain
Conforms to Standard
Connector Type
Control Voltage
Cylinder Type
Degree of Filtration
Design Characteristics
Design Structure
Digital Inputs
Digital Outputs
Ejector Characteristic
Ejector Pulse
Electrical Connection
Electrical Output
Encoder Type
Flange Pattern 1
Flange Pattern 2
Flow Direction
Flow Rate In Flow Direction
Gear Ratio
Gear Unit Size
Gear Unit Type
Housing Type
Input Voltage
Inside Diameter
Manual Override
Max Acceleration
Max. Impact Energy in End Position
Max. Vacuum
Mode of Operation
Motor Flange Size
Motor Holding Torque
Motor Supply Voltage
Motor Type
Mounting Type
No. Indexing Positions
No. of Wires
Nominal Flow Rate
Nominal Rotary Speed
Nominal Size
Nominal Size Laval
Nominal Torque
Number of Valves
Operating Medium
Operating Pressure
Output Voltage
Outside Diameter
Performance Level (PL)
Piston Bore Size
Piston Rod Version
Pneumatic Connection
Pneumatic Connection 2
Pressure Gauge
Pressure Regulation
Pressure Switch
Rated Current
Repetition Accuracy
Safety Function
Safety Integrity Level (SIL)
Secondary Connection
Sensing Distance
Size 2
Stroke Length
Suction Cup Connection
Suction Cup Diameter
Suction Cup Holder
Suction Cup Shape
Switching Type
Swivel Angle
Type of Bellows
Type of Reset
Vacuum Connection
Vacuum Sensor
Valve Function

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