Pneumax was first founded in 1976 in the region of Bergamo, north Italy. Partners Giuseppe Beretta and Roberto Bottacini set up their business in Lurano manufacturing key components for fluid power systems. Over the past few decades, the company has expanded to become a global leader in the pneumatics market and industrial automation, with the emphasis always on Italian excellence. Pneumax has always endeavoured to retain its main manufacturing facilities in Italy, helping the 'Made in Italy' stamp to remain a symbol for quality and reliability.

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Pneumax Components

Pneumax manufactures a range of pneumatic valves, cylinders/drives and solenoid valves, as well as various fittings and accessories required for pneumatic automation.

The products designed and manufactured by Pneumax are used across all sectors of industry. The business is characterised by ingenuity, efficiency, technological excellence and international experience. Their catalogue includes a varied range of standard technological solutions, as well as custom products on request.

The Pneumax Group's wide range of pneumatic components includes these core products:

  • Valves
  • Cylinders/Drives
  • Solenoid Valves
  • Fittings


The Pneumax Group's extensive range of valves offers manual, mechanical and pneumatic command valves. These come in a wide variety of configurations that include standard and miniature options, as well as different types of remote actuation.

Pneumax supply valves for fieldbus systems – solenoid valve islands which come with an integrated electrical connection, and steel line or aluminium process valves. Also available are various valve accessories such as blocking or complementary valves; function fittings; compact fittings for lubrication; miniaturised pressure regulators, and pneumatic circuit devices.


Pneumax supplies a large selection of cylinders and micro-cylinders, hydro-pneumatic cylinders, hydraulic speed control check cylinders, and heavy-duty tie rod cylinders. Also available are rotary and non-rotary rod cylinders, cable and twin rod cylinders, electric cylinders, two styles of linear actuator, and a range of short rod and compact cylinders if you're short on space. Options for pneumatic manipulation also include cylinders with arbitrary mount, double rack and turntable cylinders, guided cylinders, and grippers.

Solenoid Valves

Available Pneumax solenoid valves include various differently actuated types such as direct operated valves, poppet valves, NAMUR valves, or those with distributors or electro-distributors. These are designed for use with electronically controlled pneumatic systems. Also available are a series of steel line process solenoid valves.


Rowse is able to supply a wide variety of Pneumax pneumatic fittings, including standard, quick and compression fittings, push-in fittings in standard or compact size, and technopolymer or brass push-in fittings. Other available accessories include nozzles and tubes, flow regulators, sensors and silencers; manifolds, accessories and valves for steam; and fittings, components and accessories for the preparation and treatment of compressed air. Pneumax is also happy to supply custom products to customers' specification.


Actuation Type
Cable Length
Conforms to Standard
Control Voltage
Cylinder Type
Design Structure
Electrical Connection
Electrical Output
Manual Override
Mode of Operation
Nominal Flow Rate
Nominal Size
Operating Medium
Operating Pressure
Piston Bore Size
Pneumatic Connection
Stroke Length
Switching Type
Type of Reset
Valve Function

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