Prevost is a manufacturer of products used in compressed air networks and fluid distribution. Prevost is a French company established in 1978 in the Haute-Savoie region a prominent industrial area of France. Prevost has a large presence in the automotive and industrial sectors were pneumatic, and fluid distribution products are widely used.

Prevost is the market leader in compressed air networks with over 40 years experience and an international presence in more than 80 countries worldwide. Prevost UK was established in 2008 and established its first UK base in Rochdale in 2010. After many successful years, 2018 saw Prevost UK move to a new state of the art building in Darwen, the move increased the presence of Prevost in the UK and allows Prevost UK to hold more stock and can now offer both training and conference facilities.

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Prevost has always provided its customers with innovative, quality products and their product catalogue has a comprehensive range of couplings, connectors, compressed air distribution, tools and air preparation. Prevost’s drive for innovation has enabled them to launch some unique products into the compressed air distribution market continuing to satisfy customer expectations.

Our Prevost Extended Catalogue includes the complete range of Prevost products with over 6,600 products available to purchase online.

Prevost Products

Prevost has a vast selection of different products to choose; the range can connect your compressor to your machine, and they can supply every product in between. From the compressed air pipework, air treatment, hoses and pneumatic tools the Prevost range has it all. Prevost- Connected to innovation.

Quick Release Safety Couplings

Prevost introduced the quick release safety coupling to the market in 1993 with the introduction of the Prevo S range. The Prevo S range was replaced in 2007 with the innovative Prevo S1 range of safety couplings, introducing a simple one-touch operation, a first in pneumatic distribution couplings.

Prevost Prevo S1 couplings offer innovative design features; from the materials used in the coupling design, safety features for eliminating whipping caused by disconnection and maximum efficiency compared to other standard couplings. As well as offering high performance and technological advantages the Prevost Prevo S1 pneumatic couplings also enjoy a three-year manufacturers guarantee.

In addition to the Prevo S1 range of pneumatic safety couplings, Prevost also manufactures a range of quick couplings for other mediums such as fluids, welding torches and hydraulic.

Pneumatic Connectors

Prevost has a wide selection of pneumatic connectors and valves from a simple push-in tee connector to twin lever ball valves. Prevost Conex push-in fittings are available in polymer, metal or stainless steel depending upon the application, within the Conex range there is a wide choice of fitting sizes and styles with a choice of elbows, Tees, Y and multiple manifold connectors. Prevost has both parallel or tapered threads, and these are available from M5 to ½” BSP. Complementing its range of pneumatic connectors, there is also a range of BSP adapters and connectors allowing connection to almost any device.

Compressed Air Distribution

Prevost are the industry leaders in compressed air distribution with a range of tubing, hoses and pipe systems. Leading the Prevost range is its PPS system for compressed air ring main, the PPS system is a range of aluminimum pipe work and connectors for rapid installation of a compressed air system. PPS pipe work is also compatible with Prevosts range of quick release safety couplings.

Working in combination with the Prevost pipework there is a range of hose coils and extension hoses for connecting mobile equipment to the fixed compressed air system. Hoses are available in a variety of different lengths and sizes, depending upon the application you can also select antistatic, oil resistant, food grade or twin split proof welding hose.

Blow Guns And Pneumatic Tools

Prevost is renowned for their range of blowguns and pneumatic tools. Their blow guns offer high flow rates and are manufactured from quality materials that will last. Prevost blowguns can be ordered individually or complete with either a spiral extension hose or a Prevost S1 quick release safety coupling.

Prevost has a wide selection of different pneumatic tools available:

  • Screwdrivers
  • Impact Wrenches
  • Sanders, orbital sanders, sander pistols
  • Polishers; polisher pistols
  • Grinding; straight grinders, axial grinders
  • Cutting; angle grinders, sabre saw, shears and nibblers

In addition to the pneumatic tools Prevost manufacture tools for paint spraying with a range of paint spray guns; suction feed and gravity feed spray guns are both available with a selection of different nozzle diameters. Prevost paint spray guns are suitable for industrial spraying, technical spraying and also detail work.

Filters And Compressed Air Treatment

For maintaining your compressed air system and tools, Prevost has a range of filtration and treatment devices. The Prevost Alto range of compressed air treatment contains ready assembled compressed air treatment units or individual devices for standalone or self-assembly. The range includes:

  • Filters
  • Regulators
  • Filter Regulators
  • Lubricators
  • Diverters

Prevost air treatment is available 1/8” BSP up to 1” and can be wall mounted or panel mount. Unique to Prevost is its range of air treatment mounted into a floor standing gantry, ideal for moving around workshops with mobile equipment.


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