Pneumatic valves are perhaps the most critical part of a pneumatic system. One of their basic tasks is to control air pressure in an automated system, by opening and closing access to the various areas through which the air passes. The simplest and oldest type of valves had only two operating positions – either open or closed. Most modern machinery, however, uses variable state valves, which offer better pressure control.

Pneumatic valves also control the rate of airflow and its direction, and help maintain the correct force, speed and accuracy of a pneumatic application. They also include safety valves, so that an application can be quickly and safely shut down in the event of a malfunction or accident.

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At Rowse Pneumatics we have many years of experience with pneumatic valves of all types. We've followed the many innovations and developments of valve design, from the old-fashioned bang-bang type to the intricate modern valve manifolds, with integrated electro-pneumatic control.

We stock a huge variety of pneumatic valves, which are categorised for ease of identification into the following core types:

  • Solenoid valves
  • Pneumatically operated valves
  • Manual valves
  • Flow control valves
  • Shut-off valves

Solenoid Valves

A solenoid valve is an electromechanical apparatus that controls a flow device, using the incoming electric current to generate a magnetic field. They are durable, reliable and versatile, offering fast, safe switching while requiring low levels of control power. They are also energy-efficient, quiet and non-toxic.

We offer a wide selection of solenoid valves at Rowse, including a range of Festo electrically operated valves in three different plug patterns, and various sizes and power configurations. We can also supply Camozzi solenoid coils and DIN connectors in several forms and voltages.

Pneumatically Operated Valves

A pneumatically operated valve is a separate control unit which is isolated from the main supply of controlled air to the pneumatic actuator. This type of valve operates within a range of pressures that allow for greater fluctuations of pressure in the main input line. Pneumatically operated valves are usually composed of an actuator with a spool or piston which cause a valve to open or close to control the airflow.

We stock a broad selection of pneumatically operated valves, with a range of nominal flow rates, valve functions and mounting options. Valves are available in spool or piston spool options, with reset choices including pneumatic or mechanical spring, differential pressure or differential pneumatic return.

Manual Valves

Manual mechanical valves are directly operated by means of a handle, lever, wheel or pedal. Using a manual valve gives total human control of a particular part of a pneumatic system, and in some instances, they can be used as a throttle to control speed. Manual valves are often designed as modular devices, so that many can be used together to create a range of system combinations.

At Rowse, we can supply a range of manual and mechanical valves, including mechanically actuated and reset valves, as well as digital and switch actuation.

Flow Control Valves

Flow control valves basically control the rate, amount and pressure of the air as it travels through the system. They are often categorised by the quantity of their entry and exit ports, and how many flow paths these create.

We have a wide range of flow control valves in stock, including unidirectional and bidirectional flow control valves, with a selection of nominal flow rates and a choice of male or female thread screw-in fittings. Actuation can be pneumatic, or by means of a screwdriver, rotary knob or manual knurled screw. We can supply flow control valves in high alloy stainless steel or anodised aluminium.

Shut-Off Valves

Shut-off valves are a type of safety valve that is activated when any part of the control system fails. This can be caused by various means, including fluctuations in air or fuel pressure, or in the electric current. The valve is designed to stop the airflow in the application quickly, providing immediate safety protection for the equipment and any operators.

We stock many types of shut-off valves, including quick exhaust valves, non-return valves, and unidirectional or bidirectional blocking valves. We can also supply sender, receiver and amplifier valves, shuttle valves and various types of logic valve.



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