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Open a Trade Account With Rowse Pneumatics

Every individual is unique, and every trader has their own special way of doing things. It is our privilege at Rowse Pneumatics to consult with you so as to understand your business requirements, and to take the time to search out whatever products you need. Once we find them, we'll use our best efforts to get those products to you as fast as we can, and in the most convenient manner.

Rowse started in business over 14 years ago, as an electrical wholesale supplier. Since then, we've used our considerable experience to diversify into Rowse Pneumatics, where we can specialise in exactly the products you need. Our success has been built on a solid reputation for outstanding customer relations and consistently reliable supply. Our customers are our primary concern. You are the most important part of Rowse Pneumatics, and it is our business always to supply you with the best available materials at the most competitive and realistic trade prices.

Whatever the scale of your operation, be it retail, sole trader, internet or company purchasing, we have a trade account that will suit you. A Rowse Pneumatics trade account guarantees the best prices, tailored to your cashflow requirements.

To apply for a Rowse Pneumatics Trade Account, all you need to do is fill in the form on this page and one of our team will be in touch with all the information we will need to open an account for you.

When you sign up for a Rowse Pneumatics Trade Account, you'll automatically be eligible for these additional benefits:

  1. Quick Quotes: The Quick Quote facility makes pricing your job even faster than ever. Just fill in your product details, click on the Quote button and you'll get a price back right away.
  2. Quick Order System: The Quick Order facility in your trade account makes it quicker than ever to complete a Pneumatics transaction. As soon as you find the catalogue number for your product, just type it in and add the item quantity on the Quick Order form. Your order goes straight into your shopping cart.
  3. Flexible Delivery Options: Our Flexible Delivery Options tailor your delivery to your individual requirements. Supplies will be delivered at a time convenient to you, with morning or afternoon arrival. We offer express, local and collection options, and you get free delivery on any orders over £100.
  4. Exclusive Promotions: As soon as you sign up for a Rowse Pneumatics trade account, you become eligible for our exclusive product promotions, giving our trade account customers even more chances for a great deal.
  5. Credit Facilities: Signing up for a Rowse Pneumatics trade account offers you the opportunity to simplify your business life. We offer you credit facilities, on the usual trading terms, working with you to set up your trade account just the way you want it.
  6. Expert Technical Support: At Rowse Pneumatics, our in-house team of fully trained experts can assist you with our wide range of products and services. We are licensed distributors for a great many leading brands, so we're always able and happy to help.

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