Safety Dump Valves

Pneumatic safety dump valves ensure safety critical pneumatic components are exhausted and de-energised as quickly as possible in an emergency stop situation. Safety dump valves offer safety levels of PL c, d, and e offering protection for people and machines. When an emergency device is activated the safety dump valve quickly exhausts the compressed air from the system preventing further machine movements. Safety dump valves are an integral part of machine safety and can be combined with monitoring safety relays for the highest level of machine safety. Safety dump valves are sometimes referred to as a safety valve or a safety quick exhaust and soft start.

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      What Are Safety Dump Valves?

      Next generation safety dump valves are now produced with integrated soft start and exhaust functions. As well as providing a rapid-response pressure bypass, this type of valve lets machine systems start up gently, with a gradual building up of pressure, to help protect other pneumatic components. They offer an inexpensive, effective and high performance option for applications with moderate safety requirements. Safety Dump Valves PL e of this type achieve a higher performance level immediately on start-up, with no time-consuming programming of an external controller. They can be simply and conveniently connected to an ethernet interface, incorporating switching status sensors and diagnostic functions. Modular safety dump valves can be configured as stand-alone units, or as components of a larger service unit, such as a filter, filter regulator or flow sensor.

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