Camozzi was originally founded in 1964, by three entrepreneurial brothers based in Brescia, Italy. The company soon rose to become a force in Italy, producing pneumatic components for use in the growing sphere of industrial automation. Over the years, the company began to expand its operations from an Italian family engineering enterprise to an international and multifaceted operation.

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The worldwide Camozzi Group, which now spans 75 countries, comprises 12 different but complementary companies in five divisions:

  • Automation
  • Machine tools
  • Textile machinery
  • Manufacturing
  • Digital

The Products

The Camozzi Group's vast range of pneumatic and associated components includes these core products:

  • Cylinders/Drives
  • Valves
  • Fittings and Connections
  • Air Treatment
  • Vacuum Technology


Camozzi produce a wide range of movement devices, including those for both pneumatic and electrical actuation. For electrical movement, there are devices like electromechanical cylinders and axes, plus motors and drives.

For pneumatic actuators the range is more extensive, including international standard and non-standard cylinders; guided, rodless and rotary cylinders; compact or short-stroke cylinders, and cylinders of stainless steel. There are also many additional cylinder accessories and proximity switches available.


Valves are one of Camozzi's earliest and most fundamental products. They continue to research and develop valve technology, which is one reason why this manufacturer is leagues ahead of its competition.

The extensive range of Camozzi valves includes both mechanical and manual valves; automatic and flow control valves; logic valves and silencers. The company is also known for its solenoid, mechanical, pneumatic and manifold valves. Camozzi offer valves in a variety of configurations from simple 2/2 valves upto 5/3 valves.

In keeping with its advances into Industry 4.0, Camozzi also offer proportional valves and regulators, plus multi-serial modules and valve islands for use in fieldbus and multipole systems.

Fittings & Connections

Camozzi manufacture an extensive range of pneumatic connection devices, including quick release couplings, universal fittings, rapid and super-rapid fittings, and various connection accessories such as tubing and spirals for pneumatic processes.

Air Treatment

The company also specialises in air treatment devices for pneumatics such as FRL units, pressure regulators and switches, vacuum switches, and other air treatment accessories.

Vacuum Technology

The Camozzi Group is a specialist in vacuum and handling technology, with a wide range of components for pneumatic systems. These include vacuum grippers, suction pads, filters and ejectors, and many vacuum accessories.

How Rowse Can Help

The Camozzi Group is a global leader in industrial automation and innovation. Their enormous range of pneumatic, automation and electrical products are readily available from Rowse. These include all types of Camozzi cylinders, drives, valves, connections or fittings, air treatment and vacuum technology.

We have been a stockist of Camozzi parts at Rowse for many years, and our experienced and knowledgeable team are very familiar with their products. If you need any help in deciding which Camozzi products you need for your applications, don't hesitate to contact us. And if you want to match an existing component made by another manufacturer, we can help you find an equivalent from Camozzi.


Actuation Type
Body Style
Cable Length
Condensate Drain
Conforms to Standard
Control Voltage
Cylinder Type
Degree of Filtration
Design Structure
Electrical Connection
Electrical Output
Fitting Shape
Fitting Type
Flow Direction
Manual Override
Mode of Operation
Nominal Flow Rate
Nominal Size
Nominal Size Laval
Number of Valves
Operating Medium
Operating Pressure
Piston Bore Size
Pneumatic Connection
Pneumatic Connection 2
Pressure Gauge
Pressure Regulation
Stroke Length
Suction Cup Connection
Suction Cup Diameter
Suction Cup Shape
Suction Type
Type of Reset
Vacuum Connection
Vacuum Connection 2
Valve Function

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