Festo - SRBC - Sensor Box

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Part No: SRBC

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Part No. Control Voltage Electrical Output ATEX Rating Sensor Principle PriceActions
SRBC-CA3-YR90-MW-22A-1W-C2P20_3482805 250V AC 1-pin Toggle Switch None Floating Contact, Changeover Switch £43.14
SRBC-CA3-YR90-N-1-N-C2P20_3482809 24V DC NPN None Proximity Sensors, Inductive £118.34
SRBC-CA3-YR90-N-1-P-C2P20_3482808 24V DC PNP None Proximity Sensors, Inductive £112.58
SRBC-CA3-YR90-N-1-ZU-C2P20_3482810 24V DC 2-wire N/O Contact None Proximity Sensors, Inductive £121.47
SRBC-CA3-YR90-N-20N-ZC-C2P20-EX6_3482807 8.2V DC, NAMUR 2-wire N/C Contact Gas II 1G, Dust II 1D Proximity Sensors, Inductive £116.92
SRBC-CA3-YR90-N-20N-ZC-C2P20_3482806 8.2V DC, NAMUR 2-wire N/C Contact None Proximity Sensors, Inductive £116.92
SRBC-CA3-YR90-R-2A-1W-C2P20_3482811 2A 1-pin Toggle Switch None Reed with Contact £89.4

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