Festo - SIEN-M30 - 6.5mm Inductive Proximity Sensor

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Part No: SIEN-M30

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Part No. Switching Type Connector Type Mounting Type Electrical Output PriceActions
SIEN-M30B-NO-K-L_150436 NC Cable Flush NPN £48.06
SIEN-M30B-NO-S-L_150437 NC Plug Flush NPN £48.06
SIEN-M30B-NS-K-L_150432 NO Cable Flush NPN £48.06
SIEN-M30B-NS-S-L_150433 NO Plug Flush NPN £48.06
SIEN-M30B-PO-K-L_150438 NC Cable Flush PNP £45.96
SIEN-M30B-PO-S-L_150439 NC Plug Flush PNP £45.96
SIEN-M30B-PS-K-L_150434 NO Cable Flush PNP £45.96
SIEN-M30B-PS-S-L_150435 NO Plug Flush PNP £45.96
SIEN-M30NB-NO-K-L_150444 NC Cable Non-Flush NPN £48.06
SIEN-M30NB-NO-S-L_150445 NC Plug Non-Flush NPN £48.06
SIEN-M30NB-NS-K-L_150440 NO Cable Non-Flush NPN £48.06
SIEN-M30NB-NS-S-L_150441 NO Plug Non-Flush NPN £48.06
SIEN-M30NB-PO-K-L_150446 NC Cable Non-Flush PNP £45.96
SIEN-M30NB-PO-S-L_150447 NC Plug Non-Flush PNP £45.96
SIEN-M30NB-PS-K-L_150442 NO Cable Non-Flush PNP £45.96
SIEN-M30NB-PS-S-L_150443 NO Plug Non-Flush PNP £45.96

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