Festo - PUN - Highly Flexible Pneumatic Tubing

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Part No: PUN

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Part No. Colour Sales Unit Outside Diameter PriceActions
PUN-10X1,5-BL-300_525749 Blue 300.0m 10.0mm £348.75
PUN-10X1,5-BL_159668 Blue 50.0m 10.0mm £88.13
PUN-10X1,5-GE_178420 Yellow 50.0m 10.0mm £88.13
PUN-10X1,5-GN_178427 Green 50.0m 10.0mm £88.13
PUN-10X1,5-RT_178413 Red 50.0m 10.0mm £88.13
PUN-10X1,5-SI-300_525742 Silver 300.0m 10.0mm £348.75
PUN-10X1,5-SI_152588 Silver 50.0m 10.0mm £88.13
PUN-10X1,5-SW-300_553940 Black 300.0m 10.0mm £348.75
PUN-10X1,5-SW_159669 Black 50.0m 10.0mm £88.13
PUN-12X2-BL-200_525750 Blue 200.0m 12.0mm £336
PUN-12X2-BL_159670 Blue 50.0m 12.0mm £121.88
PUN-12X2-GE_178421 Yellow 50.0m 12.0mm £121.88
PUN-12X2-GN_178428 Green 50.0m 12.0mm £121.88
PUN-12X2-RT_178414 Red 50.0m 12.0mm £121.88
PUN-12X2-SI-200_525743 Silver 200.0m 12.0mm £336
PUN-12X2-SI_152589 Silver 50.0m 12.0mm £121.88
PUN-12X2-SW-200_553941 Black 200.0m 12.0mm £336
PUN-12X2-SW_159671 Black 50.0m 12.0mm £121.88
PUN-14X2-BL_570390 Blue 50.0m 12.0mm £174.38
PUN-14X2-SI_570389 Silver 50.0m 12.0mm £174.38
PUN-14X2-SW_570391 Black 50.0m 12.0mm £174.38
PUN-16X2,5-BL-100_525751 Blue 100.0m 16.0mm £289.5
PUN-16X2,5-BL_159672 Blue 50.0m 16.0mm £212.63
PUN-16X2,5-GE_178422 Yellow 50.0m 16.0mm £212.63
PUN-16X2,5-GN_178429 Green 50.0m 16.0mm £212.63
PUN-16X2,5-RT_178415 Red 50.0m 16.0mm £212.63
PUN-16X2,5-SI-100_525744 Silver 100.0m 16.0mm £289.5
PUN-16X2,5-SI_152590 Silver 50.0m 16.0mm £212.63
PUN-16X2,5-SW-100_553942 Black 100.0m 16.0mm £289.5
PUN-16X2,5-SW_159673 Black 50.0m 16.0mm £212.63
PUN-3X0,5-BL-500_525745 Blue 500.0m 3.0mm £150
PUN-3X0,5-BL_159660 Blue 50.0m 3.0mm £24.38
PUN-3X0,5-GE_178416 Yellow 50.0m 3.0mm £24.38
PUN-3X0,5-GN_178423 Green 50.0m 3.0mm £24.38
PUN-3X0,5-RT_178409 Red 50.0m 3.0mm £24.38
PUN-3X0,5-SI-500_525738 Silver 500.0m 3.0mm £150
PUN-3X0,5-SI_152583 Silver 50.0m 3.0mm £24.38
PUN-3X0,5-SW-500_553936 Black 500.0m 3.0mm £150
PUN-3X0,5-SW_159661 Black 50.0m 3.0mm £24.38
PUN-4X0,75-BL-500_525746 Blue 500.0m 4.0mm £176.25
PUN-4X0,75-BL_159662 Blue 50.0m 4.0mm £27.75
PUN-4X0,75-GE_178417 Yellow 50.0m 4.0mm £27.75
PUN-4X0,75-GN_178424 Green 50.0m 4.0mm £27.75
PUN-4X0,75-RT_178410 Red 50.0m 4.0mm £27.75
PUN-4X0,75-SI-500_525739 Silver 500.0m 4.0mm £176.25
PUN-4X0,75-SI_152584 Silver 50.0m 4.0mm £27.75
PUN-4X0,75-SW-500_553937 Black 500.0m 4.0mm £176.25
PUN-4X0,75-SW_159663 Black 50.0m 4.0mm £27.75
PUN-6X1-BL-500_525747 Blue 500.0m 6.0mm £262.5
PUN-6X1-BL_159664 Blue 50.0m 6.0mm £40.5
PUN-6X1-GE_178418 Yellow 50.0m 6.0mm £40.5
PUN-6X1-GN_178425 Green 50.0m 6.0mm £40.5
PUN-6X1-RT_178411 Red 50.0m 6.0mm £40.5
PUN-6X1-SI-500_525740 Silver 500.0m 6.0mm £262.5
PUN-6X1-SI_152586 Silver 50.0m 6.0mm £40.5
PUN-6X1-SW-500_553938 Black 500.0m 6.0mm £262.5
PUN-6X1-SW_159665 Black 50.0m 6.0mm £40.5
PUN-8X1,25-BL-400_525748 Blue 400.0m 8.0mm £312
PUN-8X1,25-BL_159666 Blue 50.0m 8.0mm £58.13
PUN-8X1,25-GE_178419 Yellow 50.0m 8.0mm £58.13
PUN-8X1,25-GN_178426 Green 50.0m 8.0mm £58.13
PUN-8X1,25-RT_178412 Red 50.0m 8.0mm £58.13
PUN-8X1,25-SI-400_525741 Silver 400.0m 8.0mm £312
PUN-8X1,25-SI_152587 Silver 50.0m 8.0mm £58.13
PUN-8X1,25-SW-400_553939 Black 400.0m 8.0mm £312
PUN-8X1,25-SW_159667 Black 50.0m 8.0mm £58.13

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