Festo - PUN-V0 - Flame Retardant Pneumatic Tubing

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Part No: PUN-V0

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Part No. Colour Sales Unit Outside Diameter PriceActions
PUN-V0-10X1,5-BL_525444 Blue 1.0m 10.0mm £4.57
PUN-V0-10X1,5-BR_525464 Brown 1.0m 10.0mm £4.57
PUN-V0-10X1,5-GE_525460 Yellow 1.0m 10.0mm £4.57
PUN-V0-10X1,5-GN_525448 Green 1.0m 10.0mm £4.57
PUN-V0-10X1,5-RT_525452 Red 1.0m 10.0mm £4.57
PUN-V0-10X1,5-SW_525440 Black 1.0m 10.0mm £4.57
PUN-V0-10X1,5-WS_525456 White 1.0m 10.0mm £4.57
PUN-V0-16X2-BL_570768 Blue 1.0m 16.0mm £7.88
PUN-V0-16X2-SW_570767 Black 1.0m 16.0mm £7.88
PUN-V0-6X1-BL_525442 Blue 1.0m 6.0mm £3.07
PUN-V0-6X1-BR_525462 Brown 1.0m 6.0mm £3.07
PUN-V0-6X1-GE_525458 Yellow 1.0m 6.0mm £3.07
PUN-V0-6X1-GN_525446 Green 1.0m 6.0mm £3.07
PUN-V0-6X1-RT_525450 Red 1.0m 6.0mm £3.07
PUN-V0-6X1-SW_525438 Black 1.0m 6.0mm £3.07
PUN-V0-6X1-WS_525454 White 1.0m 6.0mm £3.07
PUN-V0-8X1,25-BL_525443 Blue 1.0m 8.0mm £3.54
PUN-V0-8X1,25-BR_525463 Brown 1.0m 8.0mm £3.54
PUN-V0-8X1,25-GE_525459 Yellow 1.0m 8.0mm £3.54
PUN-V0-8X1,25-GN_525447 Green 1.0m 8.0mm £3.54
PUN-V0-8X1,25-RT_525451 Red 1.0m 8.0mm £3.54
PUN-V0-8X1,25-SW_525439 Black 1.0m 8.0mm £3.54
PUN-V0-8X1,25-WS_525455 White 1.0m 8.0mm £3.54

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