Festo - PUN-V0-C - Weld Proof Pneumatic Tubing

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Part No: PUN-V0-C

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Part No. Colour Sales Unit Outside Diameter PriceActions
PUN-V0-10X2-BL-C_561704 Blue 1.0m 10.0mm £5.64
PUN-V0-10X2-BR-C_561724 Brown 1.0m 10.0mm £5.64
PUN-V0-10X2-GE-C_561720 Yellow 1.0m 10.0mm £5.64
PUN-V0-10X2-GN-C_561708 Green 1.0m 10.0mm £5.64
PUN-V0-10X2-RT-C_561712 Red 1.0m 10.0mm £5.64
PUN-V0-10X2-SW-C_561700 Black 1.0m 10.0mm £5.64
PUN-V0-10X2-WS-C_561716 White 1.0m 10.0mm £5.64
PUN-V0-12X2-BL-C_561705 Blue 1.0m 12.0mm £6.36
PUN-V0-12X2-BR-C_561725 Brown 1.0m 12.0mm £6.36
PUN-V0-12X2-GE-C_561721 Yellow 1.0m 12.0mm £6.36
PUN-V0-12X2-GN-C_561709 Green 1.0m 12.0mm £6.36
PUN-V0-12X2-RT-C_561713 Red 1.0m 12.0mm £6.36
PUN-V0-12X2-SW-C_561701 Black 1.0m 12.0mm £6.36
PUN-V0-12X2-WS-C_561717 White 1.0m 12.0mm £6.36
PUN-V0-14X2-BL-C_570352 Blue 1.0m 14.0mm £7.43
PUN-V0-14X2-SW-C_570351 Black 1.0m 14.0mm £7.43
PUN-V0-16X2,5-BL-C_570354 Blue 1.0m 16.0mm £8.81
PUN-V0-16X2,5-SW-C_570353 Black 1.0m 16.0mm £8.81
PUN-V0-4X1-BL-C_570350 Blue 1.0m 4.0mm £2.31
PUN-V0-4X1-SW-C_570349 Black 1.0m 4.0mm £2.31
PUN-V0-6X2-BL-C_561702 Blue 1.0m 6.0mm £3.2
PUN-V0-6X2-BR-C_561722 Brown 1.0m 6.0mm £3.2
PUN-V0-6X2-GE-C_561718 Yellow 1.0m 6.0mm £3.2
PUN-V0-6X2-GN-C_561706 Green 1.0m 6.0mm £3.2
PUN-V0-6X2-RT-C_561710 Red 1.0m 6.0mm £3.2
PUN-V0-6X2-SW-C_561698 Black 1.0m 6.0mm £3.2
PUN-V0-6X2-WS-C_561714 White 1.0m 6.0mm £3.2
PUN-V0-8X2-BL-C_561703 Blue 1.0m 8.0mm £4.24
PUN-V0-8X2-BR-C_561723 Brown 1.0m 8.0mm £4.24
PUN-V0-8X2-GE-C_561719 Yellow 1.0m 8.0mm £4.24
PUN-V0-8X2-GN-C_561707 Green 1.0m 8.0mm £4.24
PUN-V0-8X2-RT-C_561711 Red 1.0m 8.0mm £4.24
PUN-V0-8X2-SW-C_561699 Black 1.0m 8.0mm £4.24
PUN-V0-8X2-WS-C_561715 White 1.0m 8.0mm £4.24

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