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Part No: PUN-H

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Part No. Colour Sales Unit Outside Diameter PriceActions
PUN-H-10X1,5-BL-300_558260 Blue 300.0m 10.0mm £353.25
PUN-H-10X1,5-BL_197386 Blue 50.0m 10.0mm £81.2
PUN-H-10X1,5-GE_558302 Yellow 50.0m 10.0mm £81.2
PUN-H-10X1,5-GN_558295 Green 50.0m 10.0mm £81.2
PUN-H-10X1,5-NT-300_558267 Natural 300.0m 10.0mm £353.25
PUN-H-10X1,5-NT_197379 Natural 50.0m 10.0mm £81.2
PUN-H-10X1,5-RT_558288 Red 50.0m 10.0mm £81.2
PUN-H-10X1,5-SI-300_558274 Silver 300.0m 10.0mm £353.25
PUN-H-10X1,5-SI_558281 Silver 50.0m 10.0mm £81.2
PUN-H-10X1,5-SW-300_558253 Black 300.0m 10.0mm £353.25
PUN-H-10X1,5-SW_197393 Black 50.0m 10.0mm £81.2
PUN-H-10X1,5-TBL-300_8048702 Translucent Blue 300.0m 10.0mm £351
PUN-H-10X1,5-TBL_8048701 Translucent Blue 50.0m 10.0mm £76.13
PUN-H-10X1,5-TGE-300_8048710 Translucent Yellow 300.0m 10.0mm £351
PUN-H-10X1,5-TGE_8048709 Translucent Yellow 50.0m 10.0mm £76.13
PUN-H-10X1,5-TGN-300_8048708 Translucent Green 300.0m 10.0mm £351
PUN-H-10X1,5-TGN_8048707 Translucent Green 50.0m 10.0mm £76.13
PUN-H-10X1,5-TRT-300_8048706 Translucent Red 300.0m 10.0mm £351
PUN-H-10X1,5-TRT_8048705 Translucent Red 50.0m 10.0mm £76.13
PUN-H-10X1,5-TSW-300_8048704 Translucent Black 300.0m 10.0mm £351
PUN-H-10X1,5-TSW_8048703 Translucent Black 50.0m 10.0mm £76.13
PUN-H-12X2-BL-200_558261 Blue 200.0m 12.0mm £339
PUN-H-12X2-BL_197387 Blue 50.0m 12.0mm £113.2
PUN-H-12X2-GE_558303 Yellow 50.0m 12.0mm £113.2
PUN-H-12X2-GN_558296 Green 50.0m 12.0mm £113.2
PUN-H-12X2-NT-200_558268 Natural 200.0m 12.0mm £339
PUN-H-12X2-NT_197380 Natural 50.0m 12.0mm £113.2
PUN-H-12X2-RT_558289 Red 50.0m 12.0mm £113.2
PUN-H-12X2-SI-200_558275 Silver 200.0m 12.0mm £339
PUN-H-12X2-SI_558282 Silver 50.0m 12.0mm £113.2
PUN-H-12X2-SW-200_558254 Black 200.0m 12.0mm £339
PUN-H-12X2-SW_197394 Black 50.0m 12.0mm £113.2
PUN-H-12X2-TBL-200_8048712 Translucent Blue 200.0m 12.0mm £336
PUN-H-12X2-TBL_8048711 Translucent Blue 50.0m 12.0mm £106.13
PUN-H-12X2-TGE-200_8048720 Translucent Yellow 200.0m 12.0mm £336
PUN-H-12X2-TGE_8048719 Translucent Yellow 50.0m 12.0mm £106.13
PUN-H-12X2-TGN-200_8048718 Translucent Green 200.0m 12.0mm £336
PUN-H-12X2-TGN_8048717 Translucent Green 50.0m 12.0mm £106.13
PUN-H-12X2-TRT-200_8048716 Translucent Red 200.0m 12.0mm £336
PUN-H-12X2-TRT_8048715 Translucent Red 50.0m 12.0mm £106.13
PUN-H-12X2-TSW-200_8048714 Translucent Black 200.0m 12.0mm £336
PUN-H-12X2-TSW_8048713 Translucent Black 50.0m 12.0mm £106.13
PUN-H-14X2-BL_570386 Blue 50.0m 14.0mm £165.2
PUN-H-14X2-NT_570388 Natural 50.0m 14.0mm £165.2
PUN-H-14X2-SW_570387 Black 50.0m 14.0mm £165.2
PUN-H-16X2,5-BL-100_558262 Blue 100.0m 16.0mm £293.25
PUN-H-16X2,5-BL_197388 Blue 50.0m 16.0mm £198.4
PUN-H-16X2,5-GE_558304 Yellow 50.0m 16.0mm £198.4
PUN-H-16X2,5-GN_558297 Green 50.0m 16.0mm £198.4
PUN-H-16X2,5-NT-100_558269 Natural 100.0m 16.0mm £293.25
PUN-H-16X2,5-NT_197381 Natural 50.0m 16.0mm £198.4
PUN-H-16X2,5-RT_558290 Red 50.0m 16.0mm £198.4
PUN-H-16X2,5-SI-100_558276 Silver 100.0m 16.0mm £293.25
PUN-H-16X2,5-SI_558283 Silver 50.0m 16.0mm £198.4
PUN-H-16X2,5-SW-100_558255 Black 100.0m 16.0mm £293.25
PUN-H-16X2,5-SW_197395 Black 50.0m 16.0mm £198.4
PUN-H-2X0,4-NT_133038 Natural 50.0m 2.0mm £29.2
PUN-H-2X0,4-RT_133040 Red 50.0m 2.0mm £29.2
PUN-H-2X0,4-SW_133039 Black 50.0m 2.0mm £29.2
PUN-H-3X0,5-BL-500_558256 Blue 500.0m 3.0mm £161.25
PUN-H-3X0,5-BL_197382 Blue 50.0m 3.0mm £22.8
PUN-H-3X0,5-GE_558298 Yellow 50.0m 3.0mm £22.8
PUN-H-3X0,5-GN_558291 Green 50.0m 3.0mm £22.8
PUN-H-3X0,5-NT-500_558263 Natural 500.0m 3.0mm £161.25
PUN-H-3X0,5-NT_197375 Natural 50.0m 3.0mm £22.8
PUN-H-3X0,5-RT_558284 Red 50.0m 3.0mm £22.8
PUN-H-3X0,5-SI-500_558270 Silver 500.0m 3.0mm £161.25
PUN-H-3X0,5-SI-YXC_8031277 Silver 50.0m 3.0mm £112.13
PUN-H-3X0,5-SI_558277 Silver 50.0m 3.0mm £22.8
PUN-H-3X0,5-SW-500_558249 Black 500.0m 3.0mm £161.25
PUN-H-3X0,5-SW-YXC_8031276 Black 50.0m 3.0mm £112.13
PUN-H-3X0,5-SW_197389 Black 50.0m 3.0mm £22.8
PUN-H-4X0,75-BL-500_558257 Blue 500.0m 4.0mm £180
PUN-H-4X0,75-BL-YXC_8031280 Blue 50.0m 4.0mm £134.63
PUN-H-4X0,75-BL_197383 Blue 50.0m 4.0mm £25.2
PUN-H-4X0,75-GE_558299 Yellow 50.0m 4.0mm £25.2
PUN-H-4X0,75-GN_558292 Green 50.0m 4.0mm £25.2
PUN-H-4X0,75-NT-500_558264 Natural 500.0m 4.0mm £180
PUN-H-4X0,75-NT_197376 Natural 50.0m 4.0mm £25.2
PUN-H-4X0,75-RT_558285 Red 50.0m 4.0mm £25.2
PUN-H-4X0,75-SI-500_558271 Silver 500.0m 4.0mm £180
PUN-H-4X0,75-SI-YXC_8031279 Silver 50.0m 4.0mm £134.63
PUN-H-4X0,75-SI_558278 Silver 50.0m 4.0mm £25.2
PUN-H-4X0,75-SW-500_558250 Black 500.0m 4.0mm £180
PUN-H-4X0,75-SW-YXC_8031278 Black 50.0m 4.0mm £134.63
PUN-H-4X0,75-SW_197390 Black 50.0m 4.0mm £25.2
PUN-H-4X0,75-TBL-500_8048672 Translucent Blue 500.0m 4.0mm £176.25
PUN-H-4X0,75-TBL_8048671 Translucent Blue 50.0m 4.0mm £23.63
PUN-H-4X0,75-TGE-500_8048680 Translucent Yellow 500.0m 4.0mm £176.25
PUN-H-4X0,75-TGE_8048679 Translucent Yellow 50.0m 4.0mm £23.63
PUN-H-4X0,75-TGN-500_8048678 Translucent Green 500.0m 4.0mm £176.25
PUN-H-4X0,75-TGN_8048677 Translucent Green 50.0m 4.0mm £23.63
PUN-H-4X0,75-TRT-500_8048676 Translucent Red 500.0m 4.0mm £176.25
PUN-H-4X0,75-TRT_8048675 Translucent Red 50.0m 4.0mm £23.63
PUN-H-4X0,75-TSW-500_8048674 Translucent Black 500.0m 4.0mm £176.25
PUN-H-4X0,75-TSW_8048673 Translucent Black 50.0m 4.0mm £23.63
PUN-H-6X1-BL-500_558258 Blue 500.0m 6.0mm £273.75
PUN-H-6X1-BL-YXC_8031283 Blue 50.0m 6.0mm £201.75
PUN-H-6X1-BL_197384 Blue 50.0m 6.0mm £37.2
PUN-H-6X1-GE_558300 Yellow 50.0m 6.0mm £37.2
PUN-H-6X1-GN_558293 Green 50.0m 6.0mm £37.2
PUN-H-6X1-NT-500_558265 Natural 500.0m 6.0mm £273.75
PUN-H-6X1-NT_197377 Natural 50.0m 6.0mm £37.2
PUN-H-6X1-RT_558286 Red 50.0m 6.0mm £37.2
PUN-H-6X1-SI-500_558272 Silver 500.0m 6.0mm £273.75
PUN-H-6X1-SI-YXC_8031282 Silver 50.0m 6.0mm £201.75
PUN-H-6X1-SI_558279 Silver 50.0m 6.0mm £37.2
PUN-H-6X1-SW-500_558251 Black 500.0m 6.0mm £273.75
PUN-H-6X1-SW-YXC_8031281 Black 50.0m 6.0mm £201.75
PUN-H-6X1-SW_197391 Black 50.0m 6.0mm £37.2
PUN-H-6X1-TBL-500_8048682 Translucent Blue 500.0m 6.0mm £270
PUN-H-6X1-TBL_8048681 Translucent Blue 50.0m 6.0mm £34.88
PUN-H-6X1-TGE-500_8048690 Translucent Yellow 500.0m 6.0mm £270
PUN-H-6X1-TGE_8048689 Translucent Yellow 50.0m 6.0mm £34.88
PUN-H-6X1-TGN-500_8048688 Translucent Green 500.0m 6.0mm £270
PUN-H-6X1-TGN_8048687 Translucent Green 50.0m 6.0mm £34.88
PUN-H-6X1-TRT-500_8048686 Translucent Red 500.0m 6.0mm £270
PUN-H-6X1-TRT_8048685 Translucent Red 50.0m 6.0mm £34.88
PUN-H-6X1-TSW-500_8048684 Translucent Black 500.0m 6.0mm £270
PUN-H-6X1-TSW_8048683 Translucent Black 50.0m 6.0mm £34.88
PUN-H-8X1,25-BL-400_558259 Blue 400.0m 8.0mm £321
PUN-H-8X1,25-BL-YXC_8031284 Blue 50.0m 8.0mm £291.38
PUN-H-8X1,25-BL_197385 Blue 50.0m 8.0mm £54
PUN-H-8X1,25-GE_558301 Yellow 50.0m 8.0mm £54
PUN-H-8X1,25-GN_558294 Green 50.0m 8.0mm £54
PUN-H-8X1,25-NT-400_558266 Natural 400.0m 8.0mm £321
PUN-H-8X1,25-NT_197378 Natural 50.0m 8.0mm £54
PUN-H-8X1,25-RT_558287 Red 50.0m 8.0mm £54
PUN-H-8X1,25-SI-400_558273 Silver 400.0m 8.0mm £321
PUN-H-8X1,25-SI_558280 Silver 50.0m 8.0mm £54
PUN-H-8X1,25-SW-400_558252 Black 400.0m 8.0mm £321
PUN-H-8X1,25-SW_197392 Black 50.0m 8.0mm £54
PUN-H-8X1,25-TBL-400_8048692 Translucent Blue 400.0m 8.0mm £318
PUN-H-8X1,25-TBL_8048691 Translucent Blue 50.0m 8.0mm £50.63
PUN-H-8X1,25-TGE-400_8048700 Translucent Yellow 400.0m 8.0mm £318
PUN-H-8X1,25-TGE_8048699 Translucent Yellow 50.0m 8.0mm £50.63
PUN-H-8X1,25-TGN-400_8048698 Translucent Green 400.0m 8.0mm £318
PUN-H-8X1,25-TGN_8048697 Translucent Green 50.0m 8.0mm £50.63
PUN-H-8X1,25-TRT-400_8048696 Translucent Red 400.0m 8.0mm £318
PUN-H-8X1,25-TRT_8048695 Translucent Red 50.0m 8.0mm £50.63
PUN-H-8X1,25-TSW-400_8048694 Translucent Black 400.0m 8.0mm £318
PUN-H-8X1,25-TSW_8048693 Translucent Black 50.0m 8.0mm £50.63

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