Festo - PLN - Chemical Resistant Tubing

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Part No: PLN

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Part No. Colour Outside Diameter PriceActions
PLN-10X1,5-BL_558208 Blue 10.0mm £2.78
PLN-10X1,5-NT_193406 Natural 10.0mm £2.78
PLN-10X1,5-RT_558220 Red 10.0mm £2.78
PLN-10X1,5-SI_558214 Silver 10.0mm £2.78
PLN-10X1,5-SW_195283 Black 10.0mm £2.78
PLN-12X1,75-BL_558209 Blue 12.0mm £3.7
PLN-12X1,75-NT_193407 Natural 12.0mm £3.7
PLN-12X1,75-RT_558221 Red 12.0mm £3.7
PLN-12X1,75-SI_558215 Silver 12.0mm £3.7
PLN-12X1,75-SW_195284 Black 12.0mm £3.7
PLN-14X2-NT_570424 Natural 14.0mm £4.27
PLN-16X2-BL_558210 Blue 16.0mm £5.44
PLN-16X2-NT_539064 Natural 16.0mm £5.44
PLN-16X2-RT_558222 Red 16.0mm £5.44
PLN-16X2-SI_558216 Silver 16.0mm £5.44
PLN-16X2-SW_539065 Black 16.0mm £5.44
PLN-4X0,75-BL_558205 Blue 4.0mm £43.5
PLN-4X0,75-NT_193403 Natural 4.0mm £43.5
PLN-4X0,75-RT_558217 Red 4.0mm £43.5
PLN-4X0,75-SI_558211 Silver 4.0mm £43.5
PLN-4X0,75-SW_195280 Black 4.0mm £43.5
PLN-6X1-BL_558206 Blue 6.0mm £57
PLN-6X1-NT_193404 Natural 6.0mm £57
PLN-6X1-RT_558218 Red 6.0mm £57
PLN-6X1-SI_558212 Silver 6.0mm £57
PLN-6X1-SW_195281 Black 6.0mm £57
PLN-8X1,25-BL_558207 Blue 8.0mm £1.98
PLN-8X1,25-NT_193405 Natural 8.0mm £1.98
PLN-8X1,25-RT_558219 Red 8.0mm £1.98
PLN-8X1,25-SI_558213 Silver 8.0mm £1.98
PLN-8X1,25-SW_195282 Black 8.0mm £1.98

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