Festo - PAN - High Pessure Tubing

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Part No: PAN

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Part No. Colour Sales Unit Outside Diameter PriceActions
PAN-10X1,5-BL-300_553897 Blue 300.0m 10.0mm £600.75
PAN-10X1,5-BL_553909 Blue 1.0m 10.0mm £2.74
PAN-10X1,5-GE_553933 Yellow 1.0m 10.0mm £2.74
PAN-10X1,5-GN_553921 Green 1.0m 10.0mm £2.74
PAN-10X1,5-NT_546287 Natural 1.0m 10.0mm £2.74
PAN-10X1,5-RT_553927 Red 1.0m 10.0mm £2.74
PAN-10X1,5-SI-300_553891 Silver 300.0m 10.0mm £600.75
PAN-10X1,5-SI_152701 Silver 1.0m.0m 10.0mm £71.25
PAN-10X1,5-SW-300_553903 Black 300.0m 10.0mm £600.75
PAN-10X1,5-SW_553915 Black 1.0m 10.0mm £2.74
PAN-12X1,75-BL-200_553898 Blue 200.0m 12.0mm £579
PAN-12X1,75-BL_553910 Blue 1.0m 12.0mm £3.85
PAN-12X1,75-GE_553934 Yellow 1.0m 12.0mm £3.85
PAN-12X1,75-GN_553922 Green 1.0m 12.0mm £3.85
PAN-12X1,75-NT_546288 Natural 1.0m 12.0mm £3.85
PAN-12X1,75-RT_553928 Red 1.0m 12.0mm £3.85
PAN-12X1,75-SI-200_553892 Silver 200.0m 12.0mm £579
PAN-12X1,75-SI_152702 Silver 1.0m.0m 12.0mm £71.25
PAN-12X1,75-SW-200_553904 Black 200.0m 12.0mm £579
PAN-12X1,75-SW_553916 Black 1.0m 12.0mm £3.85
PAN-14X2-SI_570392 Silver 1.0m 14.0mm £4.4
PAN-16X2-BL-100_553899 Blue 100.0m 16.0mm £432
PAN-16X2-BL_553911 Blue 1.0m 16.0mm £5.71
PAN-16X2-GE_553935 Yellow 1.0m 16.0mm £5.71
PAN-16X2-GN_553923 Green 1.0m 16.0mm £5.71
PAN-16X2-NT_546289 Natural 1.0m 16.0mm £5.71
PAN-16X2-RT_553929 Red 1.0m 16.0mm £5.71
PAN-16X2-SI-100_553893 Silver 100.0m 16.0mm £432
PAN-16X2-SI_152703 Silver 1.0m.0m 16.0mm £71.25
PAN-16X2-SW-100_553905 Black 100.0m 16.0mm £432
PAN-16X2-SW_553917 Black 1.0m 16.0mm £5.71
PAN-4X0,75-BL-500_553894 Blue 500.0m 4.0mm £292.5
PAN-4X0,75-BL_553906 Blue 50.0m 4.0mm £40.5
PAN-4X0,75-GE_553930 Yellow 50.0m 4.0mm £40.5
PAN-4X0,75-GN_553918 Green 50.0m 4.0mm £40.5
PAN-4X0,75-NT_546284 Natural 50.0m 4.0mm £40.5
PAN-4X0,75-RT_553924 Red 50.0m 4.0mm £40.5
PAN-4X0,75-SI-500_553888 Silver 500.0m 4.0mm £292.5
PAN-4X0,75-SI_152697 Silver 50.0m 4.0mm £40.5
PAN-4X0,75-SW-500_553900 Black 500.0m 4.0mm £292.5
PAN-4X0,75-SW_553912 Black 50.0m 4.0mm £40.5
PAN-6X1-BL-500_553895 Blue 500.0m 6.0mm £506.25
PAN-6X1-BL_553907 Blue 50.0m 6.0mm £71.25
PAN-6X1-GE_553931 Yellow 50.0m 6.0mm £71.25
PAN-6X1-GN_553919 Green 50.0m 6.0mm £71.25
PAN-6X1-NT_546285 Natural 50.0m 6.0mm £71.25
PAN-6X1-RT_553925 Red 50.0m 6.0mm £71.25
PAN-6X1-SI-500_553889 Silver 500.0m 6.0mm £506.25
PAN-6X1-SI_152699 Silver 50.0m 6.0mm £71.25
PAN-6X1-SW-500_553901 Black 500.0m 6.0mm £506.25
PAN-6X1-SW_553913 Black 50.0m 6.0mm £71.25
PAN-8X1,25-BL-400_553896 Blue 400.0m 8.0mm £558
PAN-8X1,25-BL_553908 Blue 1.0m 8.0mm £1.91
PAN-8X1,25-GE_553932 Yellow 1.0m 8.0mm £1.91
PAN-8X1,25-GN_553920 Green 1.0m 8.0mm £1.91
PAN-8X1,25-NT_546286 Natural 1.0m 8.0mm £1.91
PAN-8X1,25-RT_553926 Red 1.0m 8.0mm £1.91
PAN-8X1,25-SI-400_553890 Silver 400.0m 8.0mm £558
PAN-8X1,25-SI_152700 Silver 1.0m.0m 8.0mm £71.25
PAN-8X1,25-SW-400_553902 Black 400.0m 8.0mm £558
PAN-8X1,25-SW_553914 Black 1.0m 8.0mm £1.91

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