Festo - NPQM-D - Metal Straight Pneumatic Fitting

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Part No: NPQM-D

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Part No. Pneumatic Connection Pneumatic Connection 2 PriceActions
NPQM-D-G12-Q10-P10_558671 G1/2 10mm Push-In Fitting £2.59
NPQM-D-G12-Q12-P10_558672 G1/2 12mm Push-In Fitting £3.3
NPQM-D-G12-Q14-P10_570451 G1/2 14mm Push-In Fitting £4.49
NPQM-D-G14-Q10-P10_558666 G1/4 10mm Push-In Fitting £2.06
NPQM-D-G14-Q12-P10_558667 G1/4 12mm Push-In Fitting £2.37
NPQM-D-G14-Q6-P10_558664 G1/4 6mm Push-In Fitting £1.49
NPQM-D-G14-Q8-P10_558665 G1/4 8mm Push-In Fitting £1.73
NPQM-D-G18-Q4-P10_558661 G1/8 4mm Push-In Fitting £1.24
NPQM-D-G18-Q6-P10_558662 G1/8 6mm Push-In Fitting £1.39
NPQM-D-G18-Q8-P10_558663 G1/8 8mm Push-In Fitting £1.64
NPQM-D-G38-Q10-P10_558669 G3/8 10mm Push-In Fitting £2.28
NPQM-D-G38-Q12-P10_558670 G3/8 12mm Push-In Fitting £2.66
NPQM-D-G38-Q14-P10_570450 G3/8 14mm Push-In Fitting £4.02
NPQM-D-G38-Q8-P10_558668 G3/8 8mm Push-In Fitting £1.82

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