Festo FRM-3/8-D-MIDI 164952
Branching module

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Size: MIDI
Range: D Series
Pneumatic Connection: 3/8
Nominal Flow Rate: 6700l/min
Pressure Switch: None

Technical Information

  • Ambient Temperature: -10...60 Degrees
  • Design: Branching Module
  • Flow Direction: Left to Right
  • Material: Die-cast Aluminium
  • Mounting: Vertical Inline, Wall Mounting (By means of clamps)
  • Nominal Flow Rate: 6700l/min
  • Non-Return Function: None
  • Operating Medium: Compressed Air
  • Operating Pressure: 0...16bar
  • Pneumatic Connection: 3/8
  • Pressure Switch: None
  • Manufacturer: Festo
  • Range: D Series
  • Size: MIDI
  • Commodity Code: 79070000
  • Country of Origin: HU
  • Weight: 0.5590Kg
  • Pack Quantity: 1

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Product Description

Embark on a journey of enhanced pneumatic operations with the Festo FRM-3/8-D-MIDI 164952, a branching module par excellence. A brainchild of Festo's forward-thinking engineering, this component takes your operations from the realm of the ordinary into the extraordinary.

This innovative Festo Branching Module exemplifies an ingenious solution, redefining how you manage your pneumatic systems. Its unique design allows multiple devices to run off a single source, weaving a web of streamlined, unparalleled efficiency.

But it's not just about versatility. Festo's FRM-3/8-D-MIDI 164952 is also a symbol of endurance. The robust construction of this module testifies to its stalwart resilience, embodying Festo's ethos of quality, durability, and reliable performance.

Incorporating the Festo Branching Module into your operations means more than just an equipment upgrade. It signifies a tactical shift towards a more resilient, future-ready pneumatic system. This module champions seamless management and maximised productivity from complex industrial applications to compact projects.

The Festo FRM-3/8-D-MIDI 164952 Branching Module is a piece of the future in your hands today. It seamlessly blends its utility's richness with its performance's consistency, all while offering an exceptional lifespan. A true gem in your pneumatic toolkit, it caters to your every need.

Experience the metamorphosis of your operations with the Festo Branching Module. Not just a product but a catalyst for productivity and a promise of elevated performance. Embrace the power of Festo, and let it usher in a new era of pneumatic efficiency for you.

Part No. FRM-3/8-D-MIDI 164952

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