Festo DYSW-10-17-Y1F 548074
Shock absorber

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Stroke Length: 17.0mm
Cushioning: Self-adjusting, Soft Characteristic Curve

Technical Details

  • Piston Rod Material: High-Alloy Steel
  • Size: 10
  • Cylinder Barrel Material: High-alloy Steel
  • Sealing Material: NBR
  • Mounting: Via lock nut
  • Ambient Temperature: -10...80 Degrees
  • Corrosion Resistant Class CRC: 2 - Moderate corrosion stress
  • Position Detection: Without
  • Mode of Operation: Hydraulic Shock Absorber with Spring Return, Single-Acting, Pushing
  • Cushioning: Self-adjusting, Soft Characteristic Curve
  • Stroke Length: 17.0mm
  • Area of Application: Mini Slide DGSL, Handling Module HSW
  • Commodity Code: 84879059
  • Design Characteristics: Internal Hex
  • Mass Range Up To: 20.0kG
  • Max. Energy Absorption per Stroke: 8J
  • Mounting Type: Via Lock Nut
  • Manufacturer: Festo
  • Range: DYSW
  • Reset Times: Less Than 0.2s
  • Stop: Fixed Stop