Festo - DSNU-16-80-PPS_559236 - Round Cylinder to ISO 6432

£75.65 £63.04
Piston Bore Size: 16mm
Stroke Length: 80mm
Cushioning: Pneumatic Cushioning, Self-adjusting
Part No: DSNU-16-80-PPS_559236

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Accessory SizeDSNU-16mm
Commodity Code84123100
Conforms to StandardISO 6432
CushioningPneumatic Cushioning, Self-adjusting
Cylinder Barrel MaterialHigh Alloy Steel
Cylinder TypeRound Cylinder
Force at 6 bar, advance stroke121N
Force at 6 bar, return stroke104N
Mode of OperationDouble-Acting
Piston Rod MaterialHigh Alloy Steel
Piston-rod ThreadM6
Position DetectionNone
Stroke Length80mm

Festo DSNU cylinders are a round cylinder with dimensions according to ISO 6432; this means that the cylinder is interchangeable with other manufacturers round cylinders that conform to the same standard. Festo round cylinders are used extensively in industry especially in applications that demand long service life and the highest load carrying and running characteristics. DSNU cylinders are ideal for any application thanks to the wide selection of individual variants that can be selected, even types with ATEX approval can be selected.

  • Piston Diameters: 8mm, 10mm, 12mm, 16mm, 20mm, 25mm, 32mm, 40mm, 50mm and 63mm
  • Stroke lengths: 1…500mm
  • Force: 19…1870N

The Festo DSNU cylinder is available with piston diameters from 8mm to 25mm and variable stroke lengths from 1mm to 500mm. All DSNU cylinders are double acting meaning requiring air for movements in both directions. Selecting a different piston diameter varies the amount of force the cylinder can exert with forces between 30…1870N.

What Options Are Available On A DSNU Cylinder?

DSNU cylinders are available with the latest technology in pneumatic cylinders; the latest types of pneumatic cushioning, heat-resistant seals, high corrosion protection and clamping units are all available options. Festo launched their revolutionary self-adjusting cushioning on the DSNU range, self-adjusting cushioning ensures the optimum cushioning every time even on varying loads and speeds, self-adjusting cushioning is known as PPS. Other types of cushioning available include mechanical adjustable cushioning PPV and also mechanical cushioning P that is suitable for small loads and low speeds.

  • Cushioning: Fixed (P), Adjustable (PPV) and Self-adjusting (PPS)
  • Position Sensing
  • A wide range of accessories

DSNU have many types for selection for the piston rod in addition to the standard version; the piston rod is available in a through rod, where the piston extends through the back of the cylinder, an extended piston rod with extra thread on the standard rod and also available with a female piston rod thread. Cylinder proximity sensors can be used on the DSNU thanks to the magnet contained with the piston for position sensing; proximity sensor mounting kits are available as an accessory.

An extensive range of accessories is available for the Festo DSNU cylinders from mounting accessories for flange mounting and swivel mounting feet. DSNU cylinders also have a multitude of different piston rod attachments; rod eyes, rod clevis and coupling piece along with a multitude of pneumatic connectors and flow control valves.

Our range of DSNU cylinders available to purchase from our site only includes the most common variants. Due to the different configurations possible, the configuration of your DSNU cylinder may not be listed, if this is the case, please contact us for a quotation.

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