Festo - AEVC-16-5-A-P-A_188102 - Short-Stroke Cylinder

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Piston Bore Size: 16mm
Stroke Length: 5mm
Cushioning: Mechanical Cushioning
Part No: AEVC-16-5-A-P-A_188102

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Accessory SizeAEVC-16mm
Commodity Code84123100
CushioningMechanical Cushioning
Cylinder Barrel MaterialAnodised Aluminium
Cylinder TypeShort-Stroke Cylinder
Force at 6 bar, advance stroke121N
Force at 6 bar, return stroke91N
Mode of OperationSingle-Acting
Piston Rod MaterialHigh Alloy Steel
Piston-rod ThreadM6
Position DetectionFor Proximity Sensor
Stroke Length5mm

Festo AEVC cylinders are the single acting version of the Festo ADVC short stroke cylinder. Festo AEVC is suitable for applications that require a short stroke length or applications that require a high force such as clamping tasks.

Festo AEVC short stroke pneumatic cylinders are suitable for various applications thanks to the wide selection of configurable options, they are specified for use in many different industries especially in applications were reliability and extended service life are important factors.

AEVC cylinders are often used in applications for locking and retaining workpieces or devices and especially for clamping applications where a short stroke length is required. In their size to force ratio, AEVC can apply large clamping forces for their size compared to other similar designed cylinders.

  • Piston Diameters: 4mm, 6mm, 10mm, 12mm, 16mm, 20mm, 25mm, 32mm, 40mm, 50mm, 63mm, 80mm and 100mm
  • Stroke lengths: 2…25mm
  • Force: 4.9…4712N

AEVC short stroke pneumatic cylinders are available in a range of different piston diameters from 4mm up to 100mm and stroke lengths from 2.5mm to 25mm. Different piston diameter selections change the amount of theoretical force a cylinder can exert; forces between 7.5…4712N at a pressure of 6 bar is available from these short-stroke cylinders.

Festo AEVC cylinders are the single acting version of the Festo ADVC double acting short stroke cylinder. Single acting cylinders only require air pressure for moving in one direction; once air pressure is removed, a mechanical spring returns the piston to its original position.

What Options Can Be Selected On An AEVC Cylinder?

Cylinder position switches can be incorporated into the AEVC cylinder body when this option is selected. This option places a small magnet on the inside of the piston and be movement can be sensed with the integration of a cylinder position sensor. Both T-slot proximity sensors such as the SME/SMT-8 and C-Slot SME/SMT-10 can be incorporated into the body of AEVC cylinders.

AEVC cylinders come with mechanical cushioning P as standard, Festo mechanical cushioning consists of flexible cushioning rings or plates fitted to each end of the cylinder. This type of cushioning is suitable for small loads and applications at low speeds.

  • Cushioning: Fixed (P)
  • Position Sensing
  • A wide range of accessories

VDMA 24562 mounting patterns come as standard for the larger bore cylinders in the AEVC range from 32…100mm; these can then be interchanged with other cylinders of this standard.

Both male and female piston rod threads are available for the AEVC cylinder range, for the smaller cylinder types the piston rod is also available without any thread making them ideal for use in locking applications.

Festo AEVC cylinders have a large range of accessories available from mounting accessories, piston rod attachments and connection devices. AEVC cylinders can be mounted using the foot mounting kits, flange mounting or swivel mounting depending upon the requirements of the application. AEVC cylinders can be connected with pneumatic fittings or control devices such as flow control valves. A large range of piston rod accessories include; rod eyes, rod clevis and coupling pieces along with a multitude of pneumatic connectors and flow control valves.

The AEVC cylinders displayed on our site are the most common variants, due to the different configurations available your AEVC cylinder type code may not be listed, in this case, please contact the sales team for a quotation.

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