Festo - ADVU-12-30-A-P-A_156591 - Compact Cylinder

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Piston Bore Size: 12mm
Stroke Length: 30mm
Cushioning: Mechanical Cushioning
Part No: ADVU-12-30-A-P-A_156591

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Accessory SizeADVU-12mm
Commodity Code84123100
CushioningMechanical Cushioning
Cylinder Barrel MaterialWrought Aluminium Alloy
Cylinder TypeCompact Cylinder
Force at 6 bar, advance stroke68N
Force at 6 bar, return stroke51N
Mode of OperationDouble-Acting
Piston Rod MaterialHigh Alloy Steel
Piston-rod ThreadM6
Position DetectionFor Proximity Sensors
Stroke Length30mm

Festo ADVU cylinders are a compact cylinder that is widely used throughout the industry. Festo compact cylinders have been used throughout industry and are chosen for their extended service life and the wide range of variants available. Festo ADVU cylinders offer exceptional service rapid response time once pressure is applied. Pneumatic compact cylinders consist of a piston rod in a housing to create linear motion. Compact cylinders offer low weight and much shorter strokes than other types of cylinders, making them ideal for positioning and clamping, ejecting operations.

  • Piston Diameters: 12mm, 16mm, 20mm, 25mm, 32mm, 40mm, 50mm, 63mm, 80mm, 100mm and 125mm
  • Stroke lengths: 1…400mm
  • Force: 68…7363N
  • Small size

Festo ADVU cylinders are available in a wide selection of piston diameters from 12mm to 125mm and stroke lengths between 1mm to 400mm, making them ideal for many applications. ADVU cylinders are double acting cylinders, requiring an air supply for both the forward and reverse operations. Changing the piston diameter will affect the amount of theoretical force produced by the cylinder; forces between 68…7363N can be achieved from the ADVU range.

What Variants Can I Have On An ADVU Cylinder?

ADVU compact cylinders are available in a range of different piston rod threads; both male and female threads are available, through-rod pistons, hollow piston rods, high-temperature seals and corrosion resistance are all available options.

All ADVU cylinders have fixed mechanical cushioning indicated by the letter P in the type code. Festo mechanical cushioning consists of flexible cushioning rings or plates fitted to each end of the cylinder. Mechanical cushioning is usually selected for machine movements with small loads and low speeds.

  • Cushioning: Fixed (P)
  • Compact Cylinder
  • Position Sensing
  • A wide range of accessories

All ADVU cylinders come with the possibility of fitting external cylinder position sensors for monitoring the position of the piston rod. ADVU cylinders have sensor slots on the cylinder body for mounting of for T-slot proximity sensors such as the SME/SMT-8M.

Festo ADVU cylinders also benefit from having an extensive range of both cylinder attachments and piston rod accessories. ADVU can be mounted using the flange mounting kits, foot mountings, swivel mountings or the multi-position mounting kit. ADVU cylinders are also compatible with the range of cylinder piston rod attachments; from rod eyes to self-aligning rod couplers as well as a host of other cylinder connection fittings for flow controls to standard pneumatic fittings.

The ADVU cylinders listed on Rowse Pneumatics is the most commonly used cylinders, as you would expect from a product with so many variants you may not find your part number listed, in this instance, please contact us for a quotation.

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