Eldon - MAS - Single Door Wall Mounting Enclosure

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Part No: MAS

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Part No. Height Width Depth Mounting Plate PriceActions
MAS0202015PER5 200mm 200mm 155mm No £35.7
MAS0202015R5 200mm 200mm 155mm Yes £39.29
MAS0252015PER5 250mm 200mm 155mm No £37.33
MAS0252015R5 250mm 200mm 155mm Yes £41.36
MAS0252515PER5 250mm 250mm 155mm No £38.84
MAS0252515R5 250mm 250mm 155mm Yes £43.53
MAS0302515PER5 300mm 250mm 155mm No £40.61
MAS0302515R5 300mm 250mm 155mm Yes £45.83
MAS0302521PER5 300mm 250mm 210mm No £46.22
MAS0302521R5 300mm 250mm 210mm Yes £51.44
MAS0303015PER5 300mm 300mm 155mm No £45.27
MAS0303015R5 300mm 300mm 155mm Yes £50.61
MAS0303021PER5 300mm 300mm 210mm No £51.71
MAS0303021R5 300mm 300mm 210mm Yes £57.04
MAS0352515PER5 350mm 250mm 155mm No £45.79
MAS0352515R5 350mm 250mm 155mm Yes £51.38
MAS0403015PER5 400mm 300mm 155mm No £53.08
MAS0403015R5 400mm 300mm 155mm Yes £59.06
MAS0403021PER5 400mm 300mm 210mm No £56.19
MAS0403021R5 400mm 300mm 210mm Yes £62.16
MAS0404021PER5 400mm 400mm 210mm No £56.95
MAS0404021R5 400mm 400mm 210mm Yes £64.35
MAS0405021PER5 400mm 500mm 210mm No £67.4
MAS0405021R5 400mm 500mm 210mm Yes £76.19
MAS0406021PER5 400mm 600mm 210mm No £74.42
MAS0406021R5 400mm 600mm 210mm Yes £84.75
MAS0503021PER5 500mm 300mm 210mm No £63.56
MAS0503021R5 500mm 300mm 210mm Yes £70.52
MAS0504015PER5 500mm 400mm 155mm No £60.89
MAS0504015R5 500mm 400mm 155mm Yes £69.81
MAS0504021PER5 500mm 400mm 210mm No £64.56
MAS0504021R5 500mm 400mm 210mm Yes £73.49
MAS0504026PER5 500mm 400mm 260mm No £80.03
MAS0504026R5 500mm 400mm 260mm Yes £88.96
MAS0504030PER5 500mm 400mm 300mm No £95.5
MAS0504030R5 500mm 400mm 300mm Yes £104.43
MAS0505021PER5 500mm 500mm 210mm No £79.27
MAS0505021R5 500mm 500mm 210mm Yes £89.93
MAS0505030PER5 500mm 500mm 300mm No £105.37
MAS0505030R5 500mm 500mm 300mm Yes £116.03
MAS0604015PER5 600mm 400mm 155mm No £62.48
MAS0604015R5 600mm 400mm 155mm Yes £72.7
MAS0604021PER5 600mm 400mm 210mm No £65.51
MAS0604021R5 600mm 400mm 210mm Yes £75.74
MAS0604026PER5 600mm 400mm 260mm No £89.88
MAS0604026R5 600mm 400mm 260mm Yes £99.95
MAS0604030PER5 600mm 400mm 300mm No £109.75
MAS0604030R5 600mm 400mm 300mm Yes £119.97
MAS0605015PER5 600mm 500mm 155mm No £76.7
MAS0605015R5 600mm 500mm 155mm Yes £89.02
MAS0605021PER5 600mm 500mm 210mm No £80.27
MAS0605021R5 600mm 500mm 210mm Yes £92.59
MAS0605026PER5 600mm 500mm 260mm No £102.68
MAS0605026R5 600mm 500mm 260mm Yes £115.01
MAS0605030PER5 600mm 500mm 300mm No £118.85
MAS0605030R5 600mm 500mm 300mm Yes £131.36
MAS0606021PER5 600mm 600mm 210mm No £84.22
MAS0606021R5 600mm 600mm 210mm Yes £100.78
MAS0606030PER5 600mm 600mm 300mm No £126.19
MAS0606030R5 600mm 600mm 300mm Yes £142.75
MAS0606040PER5 600mm 600mm 400mm No £138.06
MAS0606040R5 600mm 600mm 400mm Yes £154.71
MAS0608030PER5 600mm 800mm 300mm No £154.55
MAS0608030R5 600mm 800mm 300mm Yes £177.46
MAS0705021PER5 700mm 500mm 210mm No £108.36
MAS0705021R5 700mm 500mm 210mm Yes £123.25
MAS0705026PER5 700mm 500mm 260mm No £113.5
MAS0705026R5 700mm 500mm 260mm Yes £128.39
MAS0804030PER5 800mm 400mm 300mm No £129.65
MAS0804030R5 800mm 400mm 300mm Yes £146.61
MAS0806021PER5 800mm 600mm 210mm No £100.81
MAS0806021R5 800mm 600mm 210mm Yes £123.64
MAS0806026PER5 800mm 600mm 260mm No £131.84
MAS0806026R5 800mm 600mm 260mm Yes £154.67
MAS0806030PER5 800mm 600mm 300mm No £145.97
MAS0806030R5 800mm 600mm 300mm Yes £168.8
MAS0806040PER5 800mm 600mm 400mm No £159.99
MAS0806040R5 800mm 600mm 400mm Yes £182.94
MAS0808021PER5 800mm 800mm 210mm No £137.32
MAS0808021R5 800mm 800mm 210mm Yes £162.98
MAS0808030PER5 800mm 800mm 300mm No £165.45
MAS0808030R5 800mm 800mm 300mm Yes £191.11
MAS0808040PER5 800mm 800mm 400mm No £205.41
MAS0808040R5 800mm 800mm 400mm Yes £231.07
MAS1006026PER5 1000mm 600mm 260mm No £146.18
MAS1006026R5 1000mm 600mm 260mm Yes £174.28
MAS1006030PER5 1000mm 600mm 300mm No £161.15
MAS1006030R5 1000mm 600mm 300mm Yes £188.84
MAS1008026PER5 1000mm 800mm 260mm No £168.91
MAS1008026R5 1000mm 800mm 260mm Yes £199.23
MAS1008030PER5 1000mm 800mm 300mm No £177.21
MAS1008030R5 1000mm 800mm 300mm Yes £207.53
MAS1008040PER5 1000mm 800mm 400mm No £242.17
MAS1008040R5 1000mm 800mm 400mm Yes £272.49
MAS1206030PER5 1200mm 600mm 300mm No £180.45
MAS1206030R5 1200mm 600mm 300mm Yes £211.22
MAS1208030PER5 1200mm 800mm 300mm No £207.94
MAS1208030R5 1200mm 800mm 300mm Yes £242.14
MAS1208040PER5 1200mm 800mm 400mm No £285.61
MAS1208040R5 1200mm 800mm 400mm Yes £319.81

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The Eldon MAS range of mild steel single door wall mounted enclosures are available from Rowse Automation from stock in many different sizes. The Eldon MAS enclosure is well suited to a wide range of applications and industries and is our most popular enclosure. All MAS enclosures have an ingress protection rating of IP66. Ensuring your enclosure has a high IP rating reduces the risk of component failure and the risk of downtime in your system.


Eldon MAS enclosures are manufactured from mild steel in varying thicknesses depending upon the depth and/or size of the enclosure required:

155mm Depth 1.2mm Thickness
210mm or 260mm Depth 1.4mm Thickness
300mm or 400mm Depth or Height/Widths ≥1000mm 1.5mm Thickness


All Eldon enclosures are folded, and seam welded to ensure the most optimum construction. On the rear of the enclosure, four 8.5mm diameter holes are available for wall fixing, with indentations pressed out in 20.4mm diameter x 2mm to allow air circulation around the rear of the enclosure.


The MAS range of enclosures have a single door fitted to the front of the enclosure with an opening of 130o. The door has concealed removable hinges with captive pins; the door can be removed, and the hinges can be mounted for a left or right-hand opening. The door also is fitted with fixing studs to mount the door profiles MMDP if required. To ensure the ingress protection, the door is fitted with an injected one-piece polyurethane gasket.


The Eldon MAS enclosure comes complete with a customised lock with a double-bit for easy opening of the door. The double-bit is a 3mm insert and has a 90o locking/ unlocking movement. For enclosures that are 1000mm high or greater, these are fitted with an espagnolette three-point locking system. The enclosure locks can also be upgraded to change the insert to a keyed lock such as a RONIS Key.

Mounting Plate

The MAS range is available with or without a mounting plate. The mounting plate allows the fixing of components within the enclosure without having to fix directly to the enclosure walls. The mounting plate is fixed onto the enclosure using the M8 press welded studs fitted to the rear of the enclosure. On both the top and bottom of the enclosure, there are holes for cable fixing; the mounting plate is also marked vertically at 10mm intervals for easy horizontal positioning of equipment. For mounting plates, 800mm and above additional strengthening is provided by adding folded edges. The AMG accessory can also be used for positioning the mounting plate to any depth.

Gland Plate

The enclosure is complete with a gland plate opening; this is situated at the far rear of the enclosure on the top or bottom of the enclosure depending upon the orientation. The gland plate is designed to make cable termination into the enclosure easier.


The MAS enclosure complies with an ingress protection of IP66, NEMA Type 4, 12 and 13 and also has an impact rating of IK10. For installations outside it is recommended that a rain hood ARF and 100% polyester paint covering is applied, corrosion resistance must be taken into consideration for this type of installation.


As you would expect from a leading manufacturer of enclosures, the Eldon MAS enclosure has the following approvals:

  • CE
  • CSA
  • DNV-GL
  • GOST Kema Keur – DEKRA
  • Lloyd's Register
  • RS
  • cULus_UL Listed


The MAS enclosure has a light grey colour to RAL 7035 powder coating.


The enclosure comes complete with door and two mounting profiles, for enclosures from size MAS0604015R5 and above. Gland plate with gasket, plastic double-bit 3 mm key, and mounting accessories. MAS1006026R5 and above, come with a metallic key. Earthing facilities.

Mild Steel Enclosure Range

Rowse automation stock a wide range of wall mounted mild steel enclosures with a single door, double door and panel versions. All of our mild steel enclosures are epoxy polyester coated in a light grey, RAL 7035 colour.

The mild steel range of enclosures is typically used for indoor applications such as automation and control panels, machine control panels and HVAC systems. The corrosion resistance is guaranteed by salt spray tests conducted internally according to the standard ASTM B117:11.

Our mild steel enclosures have a sturdy cruciform body and are folded from cold pressed sheet steel plate. The edges of the enclosures are folded in the shape of a channel to avoid water stagnating on the seal.

The Eldon Mild steel enclosure range has been designed to comply with all the relevant standards for empty enclosures, IEC 62208 and is regularly audited by the independent laboratory DEKRA that allows Eldon to put the KEMA-KEUR mark into the enclosures. The maximum protection for ingress protection is available for the user and the equipment thanks to the IP ratings of IP55 and IP66 according to IEC 60529 and impact protection of IK10 according to IEC 62262.

All enclosures in the range have UL certification for the USA, CSA for Canada, GOST and EAC for Russia and others, which makes export easier, especially for machine builders.

Eldon enclosures with single doors or panels have a two or three point locking system and double doors using a three-point espagnolette system. All doors come complete with a seamless polyurethane gasket.

Completing the range of Eldon enclosures is a wide range of accessories allowing for any configuration. All enclosure versions are designed around the same platform; therefore the same accessories may be used on all versions, this makes the engineering easier and allows for stock reduction for panel builders. Assembly of the enclosure and accessories can be carried speedily, reducing assembly time and ensuring you remain competitive.

All doors fitted to the Eldon mild steel enclosures open within the out dimensions of the enclosure body. This allows enclosures to be mounted side by side without the doors interfering with each other.

Enclosures can be secured to the wall using bolts, fixed directly through the rear wall of the enclosure or wall mounting brackets. The fixing bolts are protected inside the enclosure with plastic washers, for either mounting method the IP ratings are guaranteed.

Rowse Automation has a wide range of standard sized mild steel enclosures directly from stock. Our stock offering allows us to provide an enclosure to suit most applications ensuring the quickest delivery times.

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