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Rowse Pneumatics is the specialist subdivision of Rowse which deals in all pneumatics products. Rowse Electrical Wholesalers was originally founded back in 2004, and has developed over the years into a solid wholesale business, well-known throughout the South West. As the nature of electrical engineering has changed over the years, we have decided to channel our portfolio into specialised categories such as Pneumatics and Automation. This helps to direct our customers more easily to their desired purchases, and we retain our essential philosophy – the customer comes first.

Our mission at Rowse has always been to supply top quality materials at the most competitive prices, reinforced with reliable, responsive and friendly customer service. Rowse Pneumatics will continue this mission with pride.

At Rowse Pneumatics we carry a portfolio of pneumatic and associated products offered by the leading market brands, with a wide distribution network that spreads across the South West and into the rest of the UK. Based on our years of business experience and the diversification of our catalogue, we are able to supply pneumatics products to fulfil an increasingly specialist customer demand.

Pneumatics is a system for achieving mechanical motion with pressurised gas or air, just as hydraulic systems induce mechanical motion with liquids. Pneumatic systems produce a form of energy that compares very favourably to electric motors and actuators, being cheaper, safer, more flexible and more reliable. Systems based on pneumatic principles are found in many types of industry dealing with inert gases and compressed air, and we therefore supply to a diverse range of client businesses. These include factories, body shops, panel beaters, builders, OEMs and individual end users.

At Rowse Pneumatics we have an extensive portfolio of products, including:

  • Pneumatic Drives and Cylinders
  • Pneumatic Valves
  • Pneumatic Motors
  • Pneumatic Sensors

We carry all the leading brands in pneumatics, including Festo, Camozzi, Pneumax and Prevost. With our comprehensive knowledge of the pneumatic, electrical, automation and control industries, Rowse Pneumatics is ideally positioned to meet all your pneumatic requirements.

Rowse Pneumatics is also an industry-approved Festo Partner. This means that our company is one of the few select businesses who can offer the full Festo product portfolio, which includes Festo Compact, Short Stroke and Guided Cylinders, plus Festo Pneumatic Connections and Tubing. We carry Festo Safety Soft Start and Exhaust Valves, Festo Solenoid Valves, Sensors and Rotary Indexing Tables, Festo Air Preparation Units and Vacuum Products and Festo Electrical Connections, together with all supporting accessories. We are also a Festo Technical Distributor, with trained personnel who are fully equipped with the expertise to assist you with your technical queries.

Rowse Pneumatics is fully accredited with the ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management certification. This standard applies to any company or organisation involved in the design, development, manufacture or installation of any products and/or services, or that provides customers with any form of service. This certification is applicable to all customer service and quality management requirements, and is applicable to all divisions of our company.